Together Minds 

Onedr is the oxymoronic label revolving around optimism, bringing people together through designs, pop-ups and events to build a community of positivity. Through its non-profit organization, Mental Health Korea, the brand donates 20% of every sale to fund research and raise awareness.

since 2024


  1. At Onedr, we want to be the brand for everyone as we believe there is no age limit to the power of positivity. Our mission is to not just to make you look good, but help you FEEL good too
  2. The more the world is educated, the more we can work together to save lives and help those suffering

Our Story

Aiden Kim, Founder

From the outside, my life looked perfect. I was in high school, playing varsity basketball, volleyball and badminton, surrounded by friends, coaches, and peers. I’d checked all the right boxes and yet I was struggling with anxiety. I knew something was wrong, but I stayed silent. 

For years I struggled alone. I was sure that no one would understand. I lived in a perpetual state of fear; fear of judgment, fear of alienation and fear that I was permanently damaged. I thought asking for help would make me seem weak, but it was only through reaching out that I began to recover. My struggles are a part of me, but they do not define me. I realized that recovery was possible and that through a willingness to be vulnerable there was a way through. 

Today, I feel like I’ve been given a second chance. I’m living life in a way I never thought possible. Having come through the other side I feel compelled to carry the message forward. I want to end the shame and stigma that causes people to suffer in silence. It’s my hope that through advocacy, education, and outreach we can start a conversation, create a platform and ultimately shine a light on mental health

work is our purpose, our driving force. It's the reason we get up every day and do what we do. Most importantly, it keeps pushing us to achieve bigger and better things with each new challenge.

Our Value

Wear it like you mean it.

Wearing Onedr is an easy way to inspire conversations with your friends, family, and even strangers. But it's also a way to inspire you. When you wake up in the morning and put on Onedr, it's a reminder that you don't mind talking about your mental health. It's a reminder that even if you're living with a mental illness, you are not defined by it. It’s a reminder that you are powerful, your feelings are valid, and your mind matters.

Our Motivation

Onedr is the start of a sentence that leads to a bigger conversation about mental health.

Onedr is talking about my mental health.
Onedr is listening when you need support.


While everyone’s mental health journey is unique, we grow stronger when we support and learn from each other.

  • Following Onedr on social to join us and get daily posts of inspiration, information, and much more. And every week, we bring our community together to share tips, tricks, and things they’ve learned about through their own lived experience. Instagram / Youtube / TikTok
  • The Onedr Peer Club is a free online course where you can discover the power of journaling and unlock your inner voice. Over six weeks, you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-exploration and personal growth, as we dive into our emotions, thoughts, and experiences through the art of journaling.
  • The Onedr community comes together to sweat it out for better mental health for Run Onedr during Mental Health Month. Run with us throughout the year to help inspire conversations about mental health and fundraise for Mental Health Korea.


Onedr x Samsung  Lions "Together Minds" Campaign

Join us in our mission to raise mental health awareness with the Onedr x Samsung Lions "Together Minds" campaign. This initiative aims to promote the importance of mental wellness through a collaborative effort with the Samsung Lions, highlighting unity and support within our community.

See you soon!